Thomas (Tom) Dowling

Scientist, geographer, producer, filmmaker.

Science Bio

I studied Physical Geography at Durham University (U.K), before moving on to a masters in Environmental Science: GIS and Remote Sensing at the University of Cambridge (U.K.). I completed my PhD at Lund University (Sweden) in February 2016 and am now based in London.

I specialise in environmental analysis via remote platforms and enjoy solving spatially related problems in innovative and new ways. The main tools used are the ESRI Arc suites, the OSGeo suitesENVI Imagine, Matlab/R, AgisoftPhotoscan and a variety of open source Python libraries.


Arts Bio

I have been active within the arts since 2008. A latecomer to dance, I trained in classical ballet alongside my university education, until injury led to a development of interest in the production side of the medium. This has in turn combined with a love of photographic and film media, leading to the production of dance related material for the age of the internet and on-line video. I am increasingly focused on documentary and educational film making. My YouTube channel can be found here.

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