Urban Ballet Copenhagen

Urban Ballet - Copenhagen is a collaborative effort to take classical ballet out into the streets of Copenhagen and bring it to the people.

This idea has been inspired by other projects from around the world such as the New York based Ballerina Project  and this work by Flawless and the English National Ballet.

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The concept is a journey around Copenhagen, taking in all sides of the city. Not just the tourist view of the old centre and Ny Haven, but all the central districts with their different characters. We follow a 'person', as they face rejection from the traditional world, and through their travels in the city find both a new strength and new perspective on both themselves and those they meet.  

The track is a mixture of violin and dubstep, the music of Lindsey Stirling (no endorsement implied).

The production team consists of:

Emma Olley - Choreographer 

Minna Katz - Director

Tom Dowling - Producer

Chess Boughey - Dancer & Anastassia Elizarova - Assistant Camera